Monday, July 18, 2011

Half Asleep in the Kitchen

This post is dedicated to Ambien addicts everywhere.

Name: Ina Garten. AKA, "The Barefoot Contessa." She might be royalty in the Hamptons, but let's face it, NO ONE wants to see her feet.

Age: Too old for popped collars, that's for sure.

Favorite Ingredient: GOOOOOD Vanilla, and lots of it.

Favorite Food Network Revolution: Actually MEASURING her ingredients!!!

Activity Anyone Would LEAST Like to Engage in with Ina Garten: Attending one of her insomnia-curing parties!

The Only Gay Man She Won't Party With: Her husband, Jeffrey.

Style She Emulates: Morticians (but with a popped collar for flair).

Signature Cocktail: The only Bloody Mary on Earth that requires the use of a FOOD PROCESSOR!

My lips to yours!

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