Thursday, March 11, 2010

People I've Been Told I Look Like

I mean no disrespect to anyone on this list for
their involvement with looking like me or anyone
else depicted here, but from what I've been told,
I look like these people.

Granted, I'm related to three of these people, but these are the people I've been told that I look like. Usually I get mistaken for random people, such as "this guy I went to high school with" or "my friend, Doug. You look EXACTLY like him! Can I get a picture of you?"
This all started, dear readers, when I was twelve years old. I was unchaining my bike at the local swimming pool when two girls were calling for some guy named Dave. It took me about 45 seconds to realize they were calling to me, and at that age, being what I thought was relatively invisible to the opposite sex, I briefly contemplated being Dave for the sake of conversation. However, the girls soon realized their mistake and informed me that I looked just like their swimming coach and skipped along on their merry way, the way young girls do.
Ever since then, at least once a month I get mistaken for some random person. I'm sure lots of people hear "don't I know you" from time to time, but this is absurd. I've had to answer that question so often that I normally respond, "no, but I get that all the time." This has led me to an interesting conclusion.
Everyone knows someone who looks just like me. For some people, that person is me. But for everyone else, it's someone different. In China, somewhere, is a bearded and/or bespectacled Asian man running around impersonating me, of all people. Look hard enough in the tribes of the aboriginal bushmen, you'll find a me.
So what does this all mean? Am I just so super awesome that the world needs more me? Or am I still invisible, hiding in a large mass of me-alikes? It's all very confusing.
I think the answer is simple. I must find THE ONE. The original me from whom I and my ilk were cloned and demand ANSWERS! Maybe we could turn this into a movie.
What do you think?
My lips to yours.


  1. Let us not forget Don Saffron, who ended up in a class of mine at UMBC.

  2. My all time favorite Phil-mistaken-for is Don Saffron. Maybe in the movie version, Don Saffron could be THE ONE. I'd sure like to know his backstory.

  3. It's true. I see you everywhere all the time. But when I attempt to make eye contact, I notice their dead eyes.