Monday, March 1, 2010

Kickball Team Name Suggestions

Greetings, gentle readers.

These are my suggestions (so far) for my kickball team's name in no particular order:

-If Daniel Larusso and the Cobra Kai had a Baby, It Would Be This Kickball Team

-Sauron, the Kickball Team

-Flynn's Arcade [an obscure reference to TRON]

-An Obscure Reference to TRON

-We're Your Huckleberries

-Sam Elliott's Mustache Ride

-Beyond Pacifism

-Remember "Quick Kick" from G.I. Joe?

My personal favorite from this list is "An Obscure Reference to TRON." Your thoughts?

My lips to yours!


  1. I like "We're Your Huckleberries" Don't know why but I do.

  2. Go over to Paul's blog and use the title of his latest post.