Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Anal Game

Yes, this is pubescent and silly. Yes it's irreverent. Yes, I still have the maturity and wit of an 8th grader. No, I didn't think of this on my own (I give credit to Billy Gordon's bosses at Digital Design Group). But it's still funny.

Here's how to play The Anal Game.

Many automobile manufacturers failed to realize when naming their vehicles that their car names make the word "anal" sound really funny.

Ford is one of the best sources for the Anal Game. Next time your on the road and you notice a Ford vehicle, add Anal to car's model name and you have instant hilarity. See who can find the funniest car names. The most laughs gets the win. Really, everyone wins when playing The Anal Game.

Example: A Ford Ranger becomes an Anal Ranger.
A Chevy Avalanche becomes an Anal Avalanche (pictured above).
A Honda Pilot becomes an Anal Pilot etc.
No points awarded to car names that aren't real words ("Prius") or are just letters and numbers (Q45). Well no points are awarded at all, but those just aren't funny. Keep your eye out for rare ones and if you find a good one, feel free to comment here.

Enjoy, drive safe, and as always...

My lips to yours.

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  1. The old small pickup by Chevy. Anal Luv